SuperFetch Creating Problems For Gamers

SuperFetch can cause gaming problems if your system has 4 gigabytes of memory or less. This issue is genuine for gamers that play games that use a large amount of RAM, which constantly requires and releases memory. There are several ways

How to Change language in vlc

Virtually all media players can open files with more than one audio track, in the case of VLC Media Player as well, something that allows you to download a video and change the language to all that it includes. If

How to find out the password from the WinRAR archive

winrar archiver

Be very careful when encrypting the file, especially when adding important documents to the archiver. To verify that you remember the password correctly, the program requires you to enter it 2 times. You can find out the password from the

Writing a degree symbol in Word is very simple

Celsius degrees symbol

With the help of the word, you can set not only the square and cubic degrees, but also any others, including letter ones. For example, when mathematical problems require the degree of a number to be variable. This method is not associated

What is the Superfetch service work?


The superfetch service allows you to speed up the execution of programs installed in the system with which you constantly work. This service marks the programs you use most often. Due to this, there is a significant acceleration in the launch and

Task Manager tool in Microsoft operating system

Task Manager shortcut

Task Manager is a default tool in the Microsoft operating system that is present from older versions of Windows. The Task Manager will serve you to know and control all the processes and programs that are currently running on your computer

Install WinRAR – 5 Uses for Installing


Have you downloaded a compressed file (.rar, .zip, .gz, .7z…) and need to extract the content? Or, conversely, do you have files that are too large on your PC and you want to reduce their size in order to share them? Two

Musical theory of musical notation, musical pedagogy

MUSIC a type of art in which organized means of musical sounds serve as a means of embodiment of artistic images. The basic elements and expressive means of music are the fret, rhythm, meter, tempo, loud dynamics, timbre, melody, harmony, polyphony,

Windows 11 Advanced Features for users

The advanced menu of Windows 11 is a set of tools complementary to the classic start menu of the operating system, which offers great possibilities for users or professionals. Microsoft is preparing a new redesign of the start menu as one of

Windows 10 updating error recovery 0x80240FFF

When some users wanted to update their equipment to find the latest version and keep their equipment updated, they found that they could not do it because of the error 0x80240FFF, at this point these users seek a solution for this problem