Top Overclocking Software to Use in 2017 For Free

As a widely used avenue to get your PC fired up, overclocking is a great tool to tweak any element that you wish to fix. In this guide, we have narrowed down to top overclocking software to use and improve your gaming performance.

Here are the top overclocking software to use in 2017 for free.

AMD Overdrive

For an AMD GPU, the AMD Overdrive supports only their own brand. As long as you have an original AMD, you can push the components like never before. The attractive interface allows you to gain easy access to an in-depth set of tools that are useful for both beginners and experts of overclocking. The built-in status also monitors the state of the processor and streamlined interface.

MSI Afterburner

As one of the most recognized overclocking utility software on the market, the MSI Afterburner provides a detailed overview of your hardware and the additional features such as customizing profiles, video recording, and benchmarking. The Afterburner provides an easy to use software for newbies and experts to push your graphics to the next limit.

The current version includes a good number of utilities that includes GPU, clock adjustments, and tweaking ability. While it’s not the most comprehensive software app, you can still transform your game.

EVGA Precision X

One of the most popular overclocking tools available today is the EVGA Precision X. It has become a must-have for gamers all over the world who are looking to give their gaming experience a push on hardware performance. However, this software only works with Nvidia graphic cards.

This version supports DirectX 12 API from Microsoft and allowing you to fix your GPU clock offset and the memory clock offset. If that’s not enough the EVGA Precision X allows you to overclock your refresh rate and establish as much as ten individual setups. This means you can switch between them at your command.


For experts the SetFSB allows you to tinker your PC with this brilliant tool. Unlike other overclocking tools, the SetFSB is focused on the adjustments of your system’s front side bus, which connects to the main memory from the CPU. Additionally, the speed is measured in MHz and varies from 60 to 400. This means the higher the speed is, the better the performance will be.

However, the SetFSB should only be used by expert PC tinkerers. You will need a strong knowledge of your CPU and motherboard before you mess with the settings. Otherwise, you might end up messing with the machine and damage it.


As not all free overclocking tools provide the data you need to tweak your machine, tools like the CPU-Z will offer an in-depth look at how your PC is performing. With the CPU-Z , you can keep track of the processor name and number details as well as identify processes, packages, and cache levels.

Do you have overclocking software that we missed on the list? Comment below and tell us what you recommend?