Top 4 Painting Software You Can Use for Free

Looking for new painting software that offers more than a few colors? With new programs available today, you can have a realistic simulation of oils, pastels, watercolors, and more for free. Some painting software allows you to work in multiple dimensions to create your own models and paint your own textures. In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the best drawing software to use for all levels of skills and expertise.

Here are the top 4 painting software you can use for free.


As professional painting software, Krita was created by a team of artists with a mission to provide top-quality tools for everyone to use. You can use Krita for all kinds of illustration and drawings. It is also great for building manga and comics. There are plenty of halftone filters, templates, and perspective tools in addition to the basic fills, brushes, and pens.

Artweaver – free version

This free version of Artweaver allows you to create realistic digital paintings just by the use of your mouse, a stylus, or a touchscreen PC. You will find plenty of realistic brush effects as well as the basic calligraphy pens and airbrushes to give you a variety of pens and patterns to choose.


MyPaint is open source software for artists to take control of the new interface. It works best with the use of a graphic tablet and other input devices such as a touchscreen. The software provides the usual basic selection of customizable brushes, layer support, and a scratch to create new sketches.

Microsoft Fresh Paint

Fresh paint is another great art app that is designed to recreate the feeling of using a pen or brush on paper. The interface allows you to dip your virtual brush and create a mess of colors. Fresh Paint also simulates all kinds of material such as gouache and watercolors.

Did we miss your favorite painting software on the list? Comment below and tell us what you recommend!